Super M, October Dean Vinson's 
Farm Life Sounds

Here are a few neat sound files I've collected. 
File Size
  Farmall Super M starting up.  Distinct sounds: 
  • Pushing in the clutch
  • Rattling the gearshift back and forth to be sure it's in neutral
  • Pulling out the ignition switch
  • Advancing the throttle lever
  • Cranking, on a rather weak battery
  • Running
30 sec
330 KB
  Farmall Super M in road gear, driving up and over a hill
60 sec
660 KB
  Farmall Super M being switched off
6 sec
66 KB
  John Deere A idling
10 sec
110 KB
  John Deere A "popping" as it slowly drives off
10 sec
105 KB
  Steve Sewell's Minneapolis-Moline Z starting up
33 sec
180 KB
  Steve Sewell's Minneapolis-Moline R starting up
28 sec
149 KB
  Steve Sewell's Minneapolis-Moline BF starting up
21 sec
115 KB
  Steve's BF, R, Z, and 445 Molines all running together
32 sec
174 KB
  Frick steam tractor
20 sec
110 KB
  1905 Russell 10-hp steam tractor, on the sawmill
45 sec
242 KB
  Noon whistles, assorted steam tractors in unison
27 sec
146 KB
  1923 Fairbanks-Morse 100-hp diesel hot-tube engine
30 sec
162 KB
  1915 Ideal opposed-cylinder engine
15 sec
81 KB
  Scratchbuilt Atkinson-cycle engine
15 sec
81 KB
  General sounds from the Portland, Indiana engine show
20 sec
110 KB
  Reid 20-hp stationary engine
20 sec
110 KB
  Hay baler
20 sec
110 KB
  Santa Fe freight train passing
20 sec
220 KB
I used a camcorder to record these sounds, and GoldWave software to digitize and edit them.

See also:   Dave Merchant's animated two-cylinder image, showing why they sound that way.

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