ATIS Boxes Make the Rounds

Bob & Mike 1. Mike Sloane (in the ATIS hat) and Bob Brooks with one of the ATIS boxes on Groundhog's Day, 1998, at Wayne Smith's Sunoco station in Woodbridge, NJ.  Mike writes, "I am not sure why Bob looks so grim, but it may be because he has just sampled some of the coffee from the truck that stops daily at Wayne's station.  I am not sure why I was smiling, maybe I hadn't tried the coffee yet."
Bob & Wayne 2. Bob Brooks (left) and Wayne Smith with the box at Wayne's Sunoco station.  Mike Sloane concluded that "the coffee truck coffee might be the solution to clogged injectors and carburetor jets (without cream or sugar, of course).
Larry and Frank 3.  Larry Hardesty on the left, and Frank Umland, brother of Art Umland. Art had the box in South Dakota, and his brother took it to Nebraska, just east of Lincoln, to hand it off to Larry on May 24.
Larry's C 4.  Larry on his 1951 Super C in Nebraska.
340 5.  Larry's 1961 Farmall 340, with the sheet metal still off following an engine overhaul.
400LP 6.  Larry's 1956 Farmall 400 LP.
Jim and crowd 7.  Jim Becker, his 1948 Cub, and a group of folks at the Samuel Farm tractor show at Mesquite, Texas on June 6. Larry Hardesty had brought the box there from Nebraska, and took the pictures.
Jim in Texas 8.  Jim and the guys.  Nice sign by the Cub, Jim.
Dean and Jim 9.  Dean Vinson receives the box from Jim Becker, in Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 11th.
Ted Harper 10. Ted Harper in the ATIS meeting tent at the Plain City show near Columbus, Ohio, July 18th.  Ted and his wife Mary set up the meeting tent, and hosted a small gathering one fine afternoon.
George Willer 11. George Willer at the Plain City show, pondering some issue of great social and political import.
Plain City Group 12.  The ATIS group at Plain City on July 18th:  Dean Vinson, Bret Rochotte, George Willer, and Ted Harper.  From here, George took the box up to northern Ohio before passing it off once again. It eventually found its way through Blake Malkamaki and Steve Sewell back to the big show at Portland, Indiana, in August.

Check out my Portland page to see more photos of ATIS members and the boxes at the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show in Portland, Indiana.

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