Magazines, Toys, and More:
  • Antique Power:  Bi-monthly magazine covering all makes of old iron
  • Green Magazine:  Monthly magazine for John Deere fans
  • Red Power:  P.O. Box 245, Ida Grove, Iowa 51445.  Bi-monthly magazine for IH fans
  • A&E Designs:  T-shirts about old tractors, trucks, and other cool stuff
  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers:  Ag science books
  • Binder Books:  International Harvester manuals, publications, and related material
  • Iron Classics:  High-quality videos about tractors and other machines
  • Jensales:  Photocopy reprints of manuals for a huge variety of old equipment
  • John Deere Distribution Services:  Call (800) 522-7448 to order manuals for any John Deere tractor or piece of equipment 
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