Portland, Indiana
Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show
August 1998

One of the highlights of the Portland show is the demonstration of antique harvesting equipment put on by the Girard family.  This group of folks brought an amazing collection of machines and ran them through their paces several times during the course of the show, and answered my endless questions with good cheer and honest friendliness.  Here are some images from their 1998 demonstration:
Girard family threshing crew, 1998 The threshing crew:  Kneeling, left to right:  Eldon (Bud) Sheets, Jeannie Byers, Dave Byers, Rick Arend, and Kirt McLeland.  Standing, left to right:  Don Evilsizor, Bob Dunham, Cliff Wyss, Rick Arend, Joe Rumschlag, Kelly Rumschlag, John Girard Senior, Po Dawson, and Bud Sheets.
John Girard, Sr., directing the threshing operation, while Eldon (Bud) Sheets prepares to feed the thresher.
Eldon Sheets at work at the feeder.
Collecting the straw in a modern forage wagon no doubt beats man-handling a big wind-blown stack, but the job still looks pretty hot and dusty for Kirt McLeland, here guiding the discharge from the wind stacker chute.
Clover Huller
A 1912 Birdsell clover huller, a small thresher designed to harvest clover seed.
Dave Byers
Dave Byers operating the belt pulley on an old McCormick-Deering, powering the clover huller.
On the Belts A great line-up of machines at work on the belt:  A Farmall F-20 powering a 1930 silage blower, an immaculately restored M on a hammer mill, another M on a cornstalk shredder, and a steam tractor in the background, running the clover huller.  There was also a Farmall C running a 1912 corn sheller, but it's hidden by the restored M in this photo (the shadow of the belt is visible on the ground between the two Ms).  The Girard family invited other folks, such as the owners of the steam tractor and the restored M, to help with this demonstration.
Bringing Water Jeannie Byers brings water to Don Evilsizor, manning the F-20.

Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show:
Every August, at the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana.

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