The Night Before Portland 
(Copyright 1998 by Dean Vinson, with apologies to Clement Moore)

Twas the night before Portland and all through the land 
not an engine was cranking, not even by hand. 
The campers were nestled all snug in their trucks 
awaiting the swapmeet to spend a few bucks. 

At last in the morning the time had arrived 
to see people to talk with and iron to buy. 
To look at the engines and tractors and steam, 
from Fairbanks to Farmall, and all in between. 

Past castings, and fenders, and French & Hecht wheels, 
walked thousands of tinkerers hoping for deals. 
The contraptions, and gizmos, the flying Norwegian! 
There's too much to write about; you just have to see 'em. 

Then promptly at one there arose such a clatter 
I looked up from my sweetcorn to see what was the matter. 
And there ran the mightiest, grandest of things-- 
a hundred-horse engine, puffing perfect round rings. 

Now Cockshutt, now Moline, now John Deere and Fordson! 
Then Oliver, Allis, Massey, and moresome! 
From the tip of the drawbar to the front of the grille, 
they spoke of our history and the bonds we share still. 

I shook hands with my friends as the sun headed down 
then I walked to my car at the edge of the grounds. 
And I thought to myself as I put it in gear, 
"I hate to be leaving, but I'll come back next year."

Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show

Every August, at the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana.

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