Thule Air Base
Thule Air Base, from South Mountain
Looking north over the base from South Mountain.  Toward the left (west), Mount Dundas rises out of North Star Bay, still frozen over with a 4' layer of ice in this collage of photos from March, 2000.  The main base is in the center, and the control tower and aircraft hangars are to the right.
N Mountain View
HQ Building
At the sentinel
 Looking southwest over the base
from North Mountain
 The headquarters building
 Overlooking Baffin Bay
Typical street
Dining Hall and Dorms
Dorm entrance
A typical street--no paving, just 
packed and frozen dirt and rocks
By early October, all the bare 
dirt will be covered for the winter 
with a new layer of snow. 
Dining hall, dorms, and steam 
distribution lines.
None of the utility lines are buried because the ground is permanently frozen
Dormitory entrance.
The buildings are raised above ground to keep their heat from melting the permafrost, which would cause it to settle and sink.
Mt Dundas
Thawing ice
Mount Dundas
and North Star Bay
Thawing ice
on Wolstenholme fjord
Looking north across the fjord 
at one of the three glaciers
Elephant beer
Spring thaw
Ice cap
Danish "Elephant Beer"
Springtime stream
The edge of the permanent ice cap
Arctic hare
Spring wildflowers on North Mountain
An arctic hare
Wildflowers at the base 
of South Mountain
At Cape Atholl
Old IH Crawler
Arctic foxes
At Cape Atholl, an abandoned
site south of the main base
Photo by Ed "CJ" Brimner...thanks, Ed.
An International TD-18 crawler,
in the Cape Atholl landfill
Photo by Ed "CJ" Brimner...thanks again.
 A few of the arctic foxes
that live on the base
Freezing bay
Snow removal
Small icebergs
North Star Bay freezing
over in October 1999
Heavy snow-removal equipment 
tackling snow on the flightline
Small icebergs trapped by
freezing water in the bay
Saunders Island
The flightline
Iceberg cathedral
Late October sun, barely above
the horizon even at midday,
lights up Saunders Island
One of the weekly jets 
delivering passengers to the 
base operations terminal
After melting all summer,
this iceberg still towers like
a cathedral above the water
Radar site
Fjord from radar site
Fjord looking west
The radar site overlooking 
Wolstenholme Fjord
Looking across the fjord
towards two of the three
glaciers that converge here
Looking west across the fjord.
The icebergs, barely visible in
this photo, are the size of houses.
Looking west over the base, through the valley between South Mountain on the left and North Mountain on the right.  The runway is visible just left of the center of the photo, looking like it points directly at that small hill in the foreground.  Distances are great and deceiving up here--there are perhaps three miles between that hill and the end of the runway.
Winter storm
The road directly outside my dormitory, during a lull in a storm.  The storms are part of the excitement of life at Thule, as high-velocity winds pick up particles of snow and ice from the permanent icecap and whip them across the base.  When windspeed goes up and temperature and visibility go down, there's nothing for it but to wait out the storm.
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