Portland, Indiana
Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show
August 1998

Some of the ATIS members at Portland, and a few other spots:
Spencer and Steve
ATIS founder Spencer Yost, left, receiving one of the "ATIS Boxes" from Steve Sewell.  Paul Bazzetta conceived the idea of the ATIS boxes as a way for list members to show their appreciation to Spencer and as a means for bringing people together.  He built this box, packed it with a compact camera and a manual for Spencer's newly-acquired John Deere, and sent it on its way around the country.  List members carried it from state to state over the course of several months, and other boxes traveled through other regions of the US and the world.  Several of them were brought to Portland and presented at last to Spencer.
Spencer and Ron
Ron Chew, who traveled all the way to Indiana from Washington (state), presenting Spencer with the Western box. 
Jim and Bob
Jim Becker and Bob Seith
ATIS Group
Marshall Heckaman, George Willer, Herbert Metz (in red cap), Hank Wessell (in green JD hat), Gene Waugh, Ron Chew, and Cecil Monson at one of the ATIS gatherings.
Ted and George
Ted Griffin and George Willer.
Bret's boys
Bret Rochotte's sons Aaron and Marc on his beautifully restored unstyled B.
Spencer's Pacer Spencer on his Pacer, burning out the bearings (almost :-) in the show's dynamometer.
BF and B Steve Sewell's Minneapolis-Moline BF, and Bret Rochotte walking past his John Deere B.
Working on the BF My son Jordan, six years old and a faithful Moline fan, helping Steve mount the fenders on the BF a few weeks prior to the Portland show.  Steve's grandfather operated an MM dealership in Albany, Ohio, and this BF was one of the tractors he sold.  Steve rescued it from years of slowly rusting away and sinking into the mud, and brought it back to like-new perfection.  (Spencer helped Steve with some of the engine work while researching his book, The Antique Tractor Bible).
Molines Most of Steve's MM collection:  A 445, a Z, an R, and the BF (not quite finished in this photo).  (Okay, this picture wasn't taken at Portland, but Steve is likely to bring some or all of these tractors to Portland at some point).  Sound files of these and other tractors starting up.

Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Show:
Every August, at the Jay County Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana.

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